Iontophoresis Therapy - Full Details Defined

Iontophoresis Therapy - Full Details Defined

A examine conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology reveals that out of all individuals who suffer from sweaty palms and have adopted Iontophoresis as a treatment, have eighty three% restoration rate. Which means Iontophoresis is eighty three% more efficient than other palmer hyperhidrosis treatments within the market. Under are some questions and their answers supplying you with particulars about how this treatment works.

What is Iontophoresis?

Iontophoresis is a process where an electric current called Ion is passed via water and ultimately your palms. It is a minuscule present which barely hurts, in fact it tickles.

How does this electrical present work to cure sweaty palms?

Ion along with the minerals current in the water work collectively and microscopically thicken the tissues of the palm. It truly creates one other layer over Get the facts palm and stops the perspiration from coming over the surface.

How is it precisely performed?

You will need to immerse your arms into a shallow water tray. This water is then passes with the electrical present via some specialised equipment. You'll need to keep your palms below the electrical pressure for about 15 minutes. It isn't in any respect painful. This has to be repeated for about 2 weeks and by the top of the second week you'll discover that the sweating has stopped significantly. After the 2-week therapy, the process has to be repeated once in three weeks or so to keep the uniformity of the cure.

Does it have side effects?

There aren't any recognized side effects of this treatment. There are no chemical intakes involved so the question of side effects would not arise. It's a easy treatment and works wonders.

I hope the above queries and answers are ample to convince you the facility of Iontophoresis over Palmer hyperhidrosis. So if you are one of many individuals who suffer from it, you realize precisely what to do.

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